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Ten Qs and As with QC consultant Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker is an organization development and change professional who designs and delivers organization interventions. You’re likely to meet her on your MBTI Team Quest or a collaborative team building activity such as Mostly About Cupcakes, a collaborative team building activity that she designed.

Q: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
A: Curious, persistent, playful

Q:What fun activities make you happy?
A: A walk in the park with my dog and playing tennis

Q: What’s your favorite book and why?
A: I love to read, so there isn’t a favorite book. I have just started Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies, her historical novel about Thomas Cromwell and the downfall of Anne Boleyn. If you think politics is a blood sport now, check out 1536 England!

A: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Q: I like variation—sometimes classical music, Chopin piano, sometimes pop or jazz. I love Donna Summer’s version of Lush Life. And Taj Mahal, Take a Giant Step Outside Your Mind - what great advice.

A: What movie had the greatest impact on you?
Q: I like creative surprises. I don’t want to be able to guess what comes next. For example, Being John Malkovich is an amazing movie. Who could have imagined a story so creative?

A: What was your favorite childhood meal?
Q: Chef Boyardee Ravioli

A: Who is one of your mentors and why do they inspire you?
Q: Sonia Nevis, co-founder of The International Gestalt Study Center on Cape Cod. The most insightful and positive person I know. She zeroes in on exactly what you are grappling with and can offer insight into your basic wholeness. She is a marvelous person to have as a teacher and mentor. She is 85 years old.

A: If you had to eat one food continuously for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for a week, what would it be?
Q: Black beans, cheddar cheese and rice with green chilies from New Mexico

A: What’s your favorite season and why?
Q: The fall in New England, the way the air smells in the morning, fresh and sharp, the color of the leaves against a brilliant sky. It always surprises me, that it is so beautiful. And it delights me that it comes every year.

A: What is the most meaningful part of your work?
Q: Meeting people, understanding what they are struggling with, supporting them, challenging them, making a difference in any way I can. People just want to succeed at what they are trying to accomplish. And I get to play with people, which is a gift.

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