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What Can You Give Today?
What are three ways to give today, this week?

  • Take one quote from this article and put it in front of you.
  • Write down one way to give something small today to:

1 – Someone you know and like
2 – Yourself
3 – A Stranger
Bonus: 4 – Someone you know and don’t like

This can be an action, a smile, help, a courtesy, or an actual physical gift. Whatever it is, remember the two keys: small and daily.

  • Think of someone you’d like to keep in your thoughts or a place that’s experiencing pain, unrest, or need.

Put some reminder of that person or situation in front of you on your desk – either a photo or a note. Every time you glance at the reminder, pause for a few seconds and bring them to mind, and perhaps sound out a wish that they are happy in this moment, or that their suffering is just a little lighter. It’s a nice way to pause from what you’re working on and refresh.

You may need to move the reminder around periodically in a day to keep noticing it. You can select a new person the next day or keep one around for up to a week.

Another twist on this is to set an alarm on your Outlook or iCal calendar or an actual alarm for a certain time of day – 2 PM for example. When you hear the alarm go off, take a minute to think of that person. Or if you prefer action, call them up or send an email. If it’s a situation, tell someone about it, or send an email.