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Save Gas and Cash – What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Five Most Effective Tips (In order of effectiveness)

  1. Relax – Ease up on aggressive driving habits – start slowly and smoothly, keep a safety space between you and vehicles ahead to cut down on hard braking. Coast to stop lights.
  2. Slow Down – Consumer Reports says you lose 5 MPG for every 10 MPH over 55. That means you’re paying 60 cents more per gallon at 65 MPH and $1.20 more at 75! Leave early, slow down, relax and enjoy your drive in the slow lane.
  3. Use Cruise Control – Helps you with the big picture view of the road and stops neurotic surging (Don’t use it in very hilly areas though).
  4. Stop Idling – If it’s going to be more than 30 seconds, turn it off.
  5. Turn It On and Go – Unless you live in the frozen tundra, you don’t need to ‘warm-up’ the engine. You get 0 MPG sitting in your driveway.

Five Most Innovative Tips (i.e., Leave Your Car At Home)

  1. Ride your bike (bicycle, motorcycle, scooter) or walk to work and errands.
  2. Take mass transit.
  3. Car pool.
  4. Tele-commute one day a week.
  5. Stack errands and walk between errand spots.

Five Small Things That Help

  1. Keep Your Car Tuned Up and Tires Properly Inflated – Keep them at recommended levels for safety reasons, and it helps a little when it comes to fuel economy.
  2. Park In the First Spot You Find – The walk will do you good too.
  3. Wait Until You Have Less than a ¼ tank, Then Fill It Up – This saves time and gas.
  4. Clean Out Your Car and Lighten Your Load – All that junk adds unnecessary weight. The same goes for racks and the gear that’s on them
  5. Drive When Others Don’t – Go for a walk or a bike ride during rush hour, then drive home later. If you don’t mind late night drives, all those congested cities and highways are a lot emptier.

Five “Tips” That Are Not Worth It

  1. Not using AC – You only lose 1MPG from using the AC and the same goes for the windows down, so keep cool.
  2. Using Premium Gas – Economy will do just fine unless your car specifically requires premium.
  3. Gas savers - In Consumer Reports tests, Fuel Genie, Platinum Gas Saver, and Tornado did not boost fuel economy.
  4. Putting an automatic transmission car in neutral going downhill – That works fine with a manual transmission but in an automatic that’s downright scary.
  5. Drafting – It’s not NASCAR out there, don’t draft if you like your car the way it is – intact.