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Who are you?
What's your quest?

In our experience we have found you to be a progressive leader of a team or organization. You're energetic and passionate about what you do.

You're intrigued by the concept of framing the challenge you are facing as a quest and an adventure. You want new insights into the daily work life and discover exciting new ways to work more productively together. You're curious about the adventure possible in the everyday workplace to see what can be, not just what is.

You know that people retain only 20% of what they read and hear and 90% of what they experience. You want trainings that reflect the adult learning model. They need to be interactive so that essential information and techniques are not just heard but actually experienced and explored in an interactive setting. You'd like participants in any session to develop stronger relationships with their co-workers, but also receive practical, immediately applicable tools and have fun during the process.

You want your training and team building sessions to be interactive and to incorporate both intellectual rigor and a sense of playfulness. You know that these two are essential partners in any creative process, they feed one another. Intellectual exploration without play tends to become very dry and rigid. Play without intellectual inquiry tends to lack depth.

You may be in the financial industry, technology, law, insurance, or in the long list of other industries we've worked with. Whatever industry you're in, you want to work with a company that is aware of the unique aspects of your trade and can comfortably speak your language. And you want the material that is presented to be customized to your specific needs.

Your world is complex, you're looking for one company that can address all of your needs, from training events, consulting, team-building seminars and executive coaching, to keynote speaking. You'd like to build a lasting relationship and work together on challenging and inspiring material for tangible change.

You know that if leaders care about their people, if their life at work is at its richest, most rewarding, and challenging, then those fulfilled, energized people will be the dynamic force that drives output, creates amazing changes, and carries the company to the top of its class. And you're ready to invest in that dynamo.

Tell us more about you and what you're questing for.

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