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Team Building

Quixote Consulting’s quest is to provide team building programs that create passionate, committed teams and organizations with each person’s unique strengths effectively in play.

Our team building experience incorporates interactive adventure. By adjusting perspectives and offering new insights into the daily work life, Quixote Consulting helps teams and organizations discover exciting new ways to work together more productively.

We pride ourselves in the dynamic new modalities incorporated into our team building programs. For example, our Play the Blues program will have your team playing harmonica like the masters in no time, the Teflon Chef will put all of your team’s skills to the test in a manic cook-off incorporating a mystery ingredient, and Crossing Chocolate Bridges tests your team’s communication skills by building with chocolate!

Together we will choose the best program for your uniquely desired outcomes from our extensive library. Whether you’re looking for a program that will expand employee communication skills, help unlock each team’s creative potential, or introduce innovative ways of reaching a common goal, one thing is definite—you’re looking for a unique, memorable, high-energy event that everyone will be talking about long after the day is over. By pairing energy and inclusive fun with tangible outcomes, we achieve bottom-line results.

Everyone Can Play
Each of our team building programs is designed for full and maximum participation. Each calls for a variety of (light) physical and mental roles that are integral to the team’s success. There are opportunities for all to leverage their leadership, communication and innovation skills.

Quixote Consulting offers training in a variety of formats:
  • Stand Alone
  • Paired with other offerings to form a half day or full day of team building
  • Part of a larger multi-day training

"Here we plunge our hands all the way up into this thing they call adventures."

-Don Quixote