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"To Beer or Not to Beer" is not the question! Savor the moment with beer team building. You’ll start by learning about the ingredients that go into beer, what the brewing process entails, how an ale differs from a lager, and beyond. You’ll also learn the surprising history of beer in America and get a perspective on the rich history and social significance of beer worldwide.

Are India Pale Ales really from India? What’s the difference between a porter and a stout? An ale and a lager? Does ‘cold filtered’ mean anything? What are the primary ingredients in beer? What role did beer play in moving civilization forward? You will learn the answers to these and all your beer questions during the program when you play our Ultimate Beer Game.

We’ll sample a wide variety of beer styles – from the humble to the outlandish. You’ll find out what makes each beer different and why you like the kinds of beer you do. You learn what it takes to be a beer judge, and then get to work with a blind beer taste test.

We also incorporate data from the emerging field of 'savoring', which shows the positive effects that different kinds of savoring have on your overall happiness and effectiveness. We’ll give you short exercises to help you to be more present to each moment, especially useful for important moments with clients or presenting to a group. Find ‘flow’ in more ways than one as you practice being completely engaged in an activity. And if you’re interested, this program can be paired nicely with MIT’s Beer Game if you’re using their management simulation or incorporating ‘systems thinking’ into your team.

Beer Here Now is a fun and delicious program in a relaxed, informal setting. It’s perfect before or after dinner. If you’re looking for a creative alternative to another boring cocktail hour, here’s your solution! Fun and informative, you’ll leave better educated and prepared to return beer to its proper place at the American table. And not everyone has to drink beer. We have non-drinking team challenges to complete as well as a Pepsi vs. Coke taste test available.

Training Module or Debrief
This program usually does not include a debrief. If you would like a debrief, you may wish to pair it with one of our training programs.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size

Program Length
60 to 120 minutes (average length is 90 minutes)
Beer Here Now is perfect either before or after dinner and is a smart and creative alternative to a cocktail hour.

Space Requirements
Enough room for each team (5-10 people per team) to sit at a round table.

Can Be Paired With

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Quix Quiz

Q. How many gallons of beer does the average American drink every year?

  1. 16.8
  2. 23.1
  3. 34.3
  4. 41.6