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Charity Bike Build Case Study

The Game
Welcome to the home of the world’s most popular team building program – The Charity Bike Build charity team building event! From the creative mind of Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher, our consultants have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build bikes for kids for charity - more than 10,000 bicycles and counting - around the world.

How It Works
Time is almost up, and your team is working like a well-oiled machine as you build…err, well….well-oiled machines! Armed with wrenches and enthusiasm, you race to construct the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rocket – a children’s bicycle! Meanwhile, other teammates are navigating fun, innovative puzzles and challenges to earn enough “money” to purchase that last crucial part to make your bike the first off the line.

Teams earn points by completing challenges (that can be customized just for you!), building bikes, riding in an obstacle course, decorating bicycles, creating fun commercials, crafting beautiful cards for the kids, and earning helmets.

The final bell rings. You wheel your mechanical marvels to the presentation/start line. Everyone is poised to present their bike and “TV commercial” to their ‘customers’ when a door at the end of the room bursts open. Now, your real customers come running out – under-served children from your community! Imagine the delighted surprise that fills the room when your group finds out that these kids get to take the bicycles you just built home with them.

With so many different ways to have fun and earn points, there’s something for everyone on every team to do. The group can only be successful by working together, communicating effectively, identifying strengths of team members, and focusing on their mission – helping the children.

For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-9, this will be their first bicycle! We partner with charities such as Boys and Girls Clubs and Bikes for Tykes. We’re also happy to partner with a local charity of your choice.

Each child receives:

  • A brand new Huffy® bicycle with handlebar streamers built and custom-decorated by your group
  • A brand new bicycle helmet
  • A personalized card lovingly decorated and signed by your team
  • Five Questions to Help You Be Happy - original content by Rob Fletcher that distills the latest in happiness research for children into five fun and memorable questions

The Power of Purpose
Research tells us that one of the main paths to happiness is to connect with the power of purpose. This power of purpose ignites when you link your daily work with the greater good, helping to make some part of the larger world around you better.

Purpose allows people to work harder and with more passion than if the work were just for themselves. The Charity Bike Build leverages this power of purpose in two ways at the same time:

  1. The Children: By focusing on the children as customers and having a tangible, memorable and direct experience with them.
  2. Working and Succeeding Together: By interdependently working with everyone on your team every step of the way.

Ignite the Power of Purpose in Your Work Place
You’ll be amazed at how energizing the Charity Bike Build team building event can be for everyone involved. You will also realize what your team can accomplish back at work after an event that has everyone working together for such a rewarding cause.

Charity Bike Build
We all want to make a difference in this world. Here’s a rare opportunity to actually do so, with immediate, tangible results built into the process. This is an extraordinary way to infuse a conference with energy, create a feeling of immense good will and a sense of meaning larger than day-to-day work challenges, while reinforcing the value of  teamwork. If you want an event that your people will never forget, this is the one.

We take care of all the logistics – making you look good while making the whole event simple and painless. Remember, keep this one a surprise for the participants – don’t spill the beans! The surprise value of the big finale cannot be overstated.

Maximize Your Team Building Investment
Every aspect of Quixote Consulting’s Charity Bike Build team building program is aimed specifically for your team to get the most out of the event – before, during the day and after.

Here are nine ways we ensure your event is 100% on target:

  1. Icebreaker with Purpose – Your event begins with a fun, fast-paced energizer that lets people learn something wonderful about other people on their team related to purpose and connecting back to when they were kids.
  2. Challenges with Purpose – Every challenge that teams complete to earn their bicycles tests and teaches the latest strengths, happiness and positive psychology research, particularly focusing on the power of purpose. We go beyond a random assortment of trivia to get your team valuable information in fun ways that stick. Or if you like, together we can customize the challenges to test and teach your team important and fun information about your company. Or we also have a just for fun set of challenges if fun is the highest order of the day.
  3. Customization – We can customize as much or as little of this event as you want – challenges, decorations, rules, even the game itself. If there’s a theme for your conference, convention or team project, let us know and we’ll make it happen.
  4. Content with Purpose – If you have the time, we’ll combine a mini-training session on the Power of Purpose before the Collaborative Charity Bike Build at no extra charge. This mini-session is perfect if you have three or four hours total.
  5. Resources After the Event – Participants will receive both the Power of Purpose e-book by team strengths expert Rob Fletcher (an excerpt from his forthcoming book At Your Best) and wonderful pictures of the event to keep the energy and momentum going.
  6. Complimentary Coaching After the Event –  The leader of the team will receive one complimentary follow-up executive coaching session to assist in the learning transfer.
  7. Press Release (Optional) After the Event – Let the rest of the world know about your good deeds! We’ll send a press release to the news outlet(s) of your choice after the program with a photo of the event if you’d like.
  8. Conversation Starter (Optional) Before the Event – If you like, we provide you with a quick conversation starter for people to think about and share with other members of the team before the event. This builds anticipation, allows people to start ‘good gossip’ about your event and makes the event even more memorable.
  9. Professional Development (Optional) – Combine the Collaborative Charity Bike Build with one of Quixote Consulting’s training programs such as the strengths-based program At Your Best or an assessment such as MBTI, Firo-B or StrengthsFinder for a full day of professional development that blends fun and content.

Global and Multi-Lingual
Quixote Consulting consultants have led Charity Bike Build events around the world: on most of the continents (not Antarctica yet) and in different languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.

Charity Bike Build
This program includes a debrief by a trained facilitator. The debrief focuses on linking the activity with your important work back at the office. The Charity Bike Build debrief helps you to leverage the power of purpose back at work, discover team and individual strengths and link your performance with contributing successfully as a team. Portions of the debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
15 to more than 5,000 participants. The larger the group, the more bicycles you make, and the more children in your community benefit! We've worked with very large and very small teams around the world.

Program Length
2-4 hours. The program can also be part of a full day incorporating Team Collaboration Quest collaborative team building or a work-style assessment such as MBTI or Strengthsfinder. This provides a perfect partnership of content-based training and a powerful story and image of your team collaborating successfully.

Space Requirements
20 square feet of open space per participant is a good guideline. The Charity Bike Build can be indoors or outdoors - your office building, a ballroom or conference room, even a local park. The Charity Big Bike Build can be held anywhere in the world. We come to you, complete with everything you'll need to insure an exhilarating and memorable event.

Take Homes, Extras
We send action photos and further resources to participants after the event. These resources guide participants in making a strong link between their positive experience and their important work back at the office.

Your group will also receive a large poster-sized Thank You card from the children, suitable for framing. We can also give you suggestions for a small gift for everyone who participates or fun extra gifts you can give to the children.

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Q. Total giving to charitable organizations in 2006 was $295 billion. How much came from individuals and how much from organizations?*

  1. 55% Indiv. - 45% Org.
  2. 30% Indiv. - 70% Org.
  3. 75% Indiv. - 25% Org.
  4. 20% Indiv. - 80% Org.
*Source: Giving USA 2007, the Annual Report on Philanthropy, published by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy