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Primary Benefit


Secondary Benefits

Goal clarification

Problem solving

Basic project management


Creative thinking

Fun and camaraderie

The Game
Catapult your team to success with this design and build program where participants have to design and build a full functional catapult and test and compete for challenges of distance and accuracy. Following the brainstorming on the plan, testing the prototypes is the first test launch. Then comes the team refinements, more negotiating and bartering and we put the teams together for a measured challenge.

Provided with a unique set of materials, a budget to buy or negotiate with other teams for more, teams will first test themselves against other teams and then come together to work together with the other teams to create the most effective and efficient Catapult.

Training Module or Debrief
Choose an optional post game discussion on cooperation, team problem solving, strategizing, decision making and team awareness.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
Catapult can be played by groups as small as five persons and as large as 400+.

Program Length
Approximately two hours, depending on the size of your group. This can be lengthened or shortened based on your needs and time limitations.

Space Requirements
Inside or out, this program requires a large open space with no chairs or tables. and a 25 square feet per participant minimum. If inside, the room should have high ceilings, and there should not be any large posts or obstructions. Please inform us if the room has low ceilings.