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The Game
Chocolate Team Building
Your team will be like kids in a candy store with this deliciously fun teambuilding program! This is a hybrid competitive/collaborative event where teams are partnered up with other teams not in their immediate location. Together they use all resources available - cell phone, PDA, etc. to work together and out-do other teams.


Every event builds on the one before, starting with the manic fun of Full Contact Chocolate Bingo. Once your team is energized, it's time to test your taste buds and childhood memories with our unique 'CSI Chocolate' competition. Then test your problem solving and innovation skills in Towering Chocolate.


Chocolate Team Building
Now the grand finale - a wild building event! Help Charlie build a Bridge Over Chocolate Waters for Wonka Inc. Enter a world of pure imagination as you design and build one-half of a scrumdiddlyumptious bridge that will transport the latest Wonka candy sensation from the factory to the waiting children. Like the Trans-Continental Railroad, your creation must link up exactly with your partner team - without either party ever seeing the other half of the bridge until the grand unveiling! Give your palette a treat and play with the 'food of the god' in this unique teambuilding event.



Training Module or Debrief
This program includes a debrief of team performance around communication, working together and virtual teaming by a trained facilitator. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.



Minimum/Maximum Group Size
From 8-200


Program Length
2-4 hours. The program can also be part of a full day of teambuilding or incorporated into a day or multi-day program using work-style assessments such as MBTI and Strengthsfinder, or part of a larger Virtual Team Quest.


Space Requirements
Enough room for each team (6-8 people per team) to sit at a round table and either enough space in the room or separate rooms so that partner teams can't see each other's bridges while they're being built.




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Q. What is the most popular candy bar in the USA?


  1. Hersheys
  2. Snickers
  3. Baby Ruth
  4. Milky Way