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Primary Benefit

Team Building

Secondary Benefits


Time management

Resource management

Big-picture thinking

Seeing how individual contributions contribute to group success

The Game
This interactive business simulation encourages participants to work together within their small teams, as well as within the larger "company." Each small team or "department" of 5 to 10 people works in an 8'x8' area that is connected to the working areas of the other teams.

The "departments" must use limited supplies (PVC, balloons, bamboo stakes, rubber bands, etc.) to construct a device that will transport a maximum number of marbles safely. The clincher is that each team's section of the pipeline must interface with those before and after it.

Two project managers that you elect oversee the project and uncover customer needs. Your pipeline has a minimum marble "revenue" requirement to meet. Pipeline departments also have a budget that they can spend at a "store" for select purchases of materials. Your company's marketing department must present a wonderfully creative presentation for the pipeline product before the final moment of truth. There is also an opportunity to perform more than one round of marble delivery to examine best practices and process improvement. A diversity of roles means a chance for everyone to be included. Time is limited - will you come in under budget, communicate effectively and meet your goals?

Training Module or Debrief
This program includes a debrief by a trained facilitator around team effectiveness, communication, seeing the big picture, and time and resource management. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
20-500 people. Groups over 50 build multiple pipelines. If you have a group smaller than 20 we recommend the Portable Pipeline.

Program Length
The program lasts about 2 hours, and includes a debriefing by a trained facilitator. Pipeline has also proven to be an extremely popular grand finale when combined with other Icebreakers, Energizers and Team challenges to create a customized half-day team building event called On Target.

Space Requirements
A large open area that has enough space for an 8' x 8' area for each subgroup and for them to be adjacent to each other. If you have a smaller space, we recommend Portable Pipeline, a portable version of the above that utilizes less space.

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