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Increase team synergy

Enhance connections

Develop mutual trust

Experience of success

Discover you have a "voice" (and can sing)

Practicing effective listening and communicating

Increase creativity and ability to improvise

Do something you didn’t know you could do

Encourage the heart and passion within a team

Individual achievement within the context of a team

Valuing everyone’s contribution

Create an atmosphere where healthy risk-taking is fun

Hone presentation skills

Sing the Blues
The Game

Got the blues? Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker do too –  now it’s time for your team to ‘band’ together through the power of blues music team building. Learn the easy basics of singing the blues and then as a team write and perform a song backed by a live guitarist or even a real blues band all in just two hours!

The Sing the Blues music team building activity is designed by Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher, author of Blues Harmonica for Beginners and Blues Grooves for Guitarists. Within minutes you’ll be singing a famous blues song together with your team. The grand finale will be your team as the stars, complete with “Blues Brothers” hats and sunglasses, perform an original blues song that you create! Write a theme song for your next team project or create a song to energize the next staff meeting.

This music team building activity will teach you everything you need to know to get started singing the blues. Leave worries about being “tone deaf” behind. Starting with the basics, Sing the Blues music team building activity will guide you through singing “talking blues”, Hootchie Cootchie Man, Before You Accuse Me, Messin’ with the Kid, and more! And people who wish to can even try their hand at scat singing (improvising) in a safe, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere.

There’s no pressure for anyone to be a part of the band that they don’t want to be. Some team members will want to sing lead, some sing background chorus and some will want to help with percussion and dance moves. With so many different ways to be a part of the band, there’s something for everyone on the team to contribute to help make the music.

The Sing the Blues music team building activity is for the musically scared to realize that they can sing too! Building your team with music by singing together is an excellent way to bring team members together and provide a way to connect passion, confidence and fun back to the team’s important work. The music team building activities help you to discover new techniques for problem solving and strategy through the creative process of making music. Using the powerful modality of music team building also helps with public speaking and to enhance presentation skills.

Training Module or Debrief
This program can include a debrief by a trained facilitator around new discoveries about your team, and celebration of successes. The debrief can be customized for your group goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size
From 4 to 4,000

Program Length
2-4 hours. The program can also be the culmination of a full day of Team Quest teambuilding or incorporated into a day or multi-day program using work-style assessments such as MBTI or StrengthsFinder.

Space Requirements
A room where participants can be seated at round tables in a semi-circle.

Take Homes, Extras
Fun, silly prizes can be awarded to top-performing teams and people.

Can Be Paired With

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