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Training Offerings

Strengths Quests

StrengthsFinder - Gallup's online assessment of unique top five strengths. Learn your team's strengths and learn how to put them into action.
Strengths At Work - Gallup research says less than 20 percent of us have the opportunity to do what we do best everyday. Learn how to put your strengths in play for consistent, near-perfect performance.
At Your Best - Explore how to give your best and play to your strengths for sustained individual success.
Strong Management - Strengths based training for managers to help their people be at their best.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI Team Quest - Discover and leverage the various ways your people make decisions, strategize and access information, using this organizational standard. Team members begin to recognize the strengths that other types bring to the team, and the power that comes from multiple types working together.
MBTI Target Topics - Target your MBTI session to address your team's individual quest. Topics range from Customer Service to Sales to Diversity to Time Management.
MBTI Step II - Learn which of 20 different underlying facets are most important to you and guide you in every decision - how you communicate, where you focus your attention, how you make decisions, how you handle differences, how you approach deadlines, sequence tasks, and much, much more.
MBTI Communication Quest - Target your MBTI team building to increase your team’s communication effectiveness.
MBTI Team Building Quest - MBTI Team Building Quest leverages fun team building activities and exercises to build strong MBTI teams.

Unique Success

Team Collaboration Quest - How can we communicate effectively with each other? How can we trust each other and take risks? What are the stages of team development? What do we do best? How do we look at the big picture and see how our individual contributions create success for all of us?
True Communication - Explore clear, concise, and powerful techniques that work in all situations.
Influence: The Power of Persuasion - How can we consistently capture an audience, effectively make a point and carry everyone along toward a goal? How can we influence an outcome, even if we're not in a position of authority?
Generations Collaborate - Learn about the different generations that make up your workforce and team. Set the stage for true collaboration on your team by finding out what makes each generation unique, how they prefer to communicate, get work done, their triggers for excellent performance, and their triggers for conflict.
How Great Teams Communicate - This effective communication skills training course gives you the tools and insights you need to communicate clearly and persuasively with everyone on your team.
Green Team Quest - Make a difference in your work community and help the world you live in be a better place for us all.
Emotional Intelligence Works - EQ is twice as important in contributing to excellence as IQ and expertise combined. Learn how to effectively manage your emotions and those around you for sustained success.
How to Lead Change - Learn how to be an effective change leader and lead positive change that lasts.
The Negotiation Quest - Get a mutual "yes" by sleuthing out both sides' preferred approaches to negotiation. Explore universal needs that all negotiators have in common and find out how to address them.
Customer Quest - What does it take to set a standard of excellence in customer care? What does the customer really want and how can you provide it for them?
Conflict Quest - Defuse volatile situations, cut through underlying conflict, connect with common needs, and make clear requests that get the job done.
Virtual Team Quest - Examine the unique pitfalls virtual teams face and learn how to overcome them to become a truly great virtual team.

The Big Picture

Leader Quest - How can we unite our people and rally them to a better future? How can we empower people in every position to lead?
Manager Quest - How can I draw out the unique strengths of my people? What's the best way to manage? What do my people need from me?
Change Quest - Time for you and your team to evolve quickly, whether you're driving the change or the rest of the world is.
40 Days to Change For Good - Don't just manage change, lead it. Create a successful forty-day blueprint to lead a change that lasts.
Innovator's Quest - How can we inspire a culture of innovation? How can we take risks, be bold and allow for "mistakes" that have the potential for great leaps in productivity?
Time of Your Life - Learn to manage your precious time for maximum efficiency. Use "disciplined joy" to prioritize and maximize your output.

Other Assessments
Explore your team's unique characteristics with our engaging, experiential and effective assessment training. We will help you find your best-fit assessment.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) - The TKI assessment is the premier conflict management tool for understanding and resolving conflict, as well as enhancing negotiation and communication.
Firo-B - Unlock the mysteries of human interaction. Improve working relationships within a team and individual effectiveness.
DiSC - Help team members assess how they can best use each dimension of four behaviors - dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness - to better communicate and work together.


Resiliency: Five Keys to Success - Leverage the five principles of resiliency, engagement, efficiency, endurance, flexibility, and loving the game, for peak work performance and enjoyment.
Office Yoga - Learn simple techniques to stay productive at your desk or energize your off-site.

Meeting Facilitation

The Quixote Meeting - Our meeting facilitators keep the group on task, on agenda and energized.
The Quixote Energizer - Rocket fuel for "getting to know you" and igniting energy fast at your off-site or meeting.